Hello! (the graphic doesn’t really match lol)
I’ve never had a follow forever or a nice one atleast so here it is.

These are the people I love to talk to and I consider as my closest:

Astrid x Chai x Edgar x Esther x Kat x Kitty x Lawrence x Miles x Nick x Serine x Tonet

Here are the people that doesn’t really know I exist and i’m too shy to talk to them because of reasons:

a - f: alecbaned, asheasthes, bagnusmane, catreadsbooks, clarysrunes, dievrgent

g - l: garrowayed, ivashkinator, kim-beurre-lait, lea-michele

m - z: mynameisfour, mockingfire, peetababy, teacupinastorm, thebeautyinwhite, weliveandbreathewords, winslet

I might have missed other awesome people but they still are in my blogroll.


But I do know that you exist!! Come talk to me :)

And thank you ♥